Bali’s New Tourism Levy: Insights and Exemptions

Bali, Indonesia’s esteemed island province, has recently announced the implementation of a tourist levy aimed at supporting the island’s cultural and environmental conservation efforts. Starting February 14, foreign visitors will be subject to a Rp150,000 (approximately US$9.58) fee upon entry. This initiative, detailed in Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 36 of 2023, marks a significant step towards sustainable tourism, ensuring that Bali’s rich cultural heritage and natural landscapes are preserved for generations to come.

However, in a move that underscores Bali’s understanding of diverse visitor profiles and their contributions to the island, the government has identified seven visa categories eligible for exemption from this levy. These include diplomatic and official visa holders, transportation crew members, as well as those possessing temporary or permanent stay permit cards. Furthermore, individuals with family unification visas, student visas, Golden Visas, and certain types of business visas can also apply for exemption. To avail of this exemption, eligible tourists must apply through the ‘Love Bali’ system at least one month prior to their visit.

The process for application and exemption highlights Bali’s attempt to balance the need for environmental preservation with the practicalities of international travel and diplomacy. For example, consider a foreign researcher planning to contribute to Bali’s environmental studies under a temporary stay permit. Under the new regulation, they can apply for an exemption through the Love Bali system, ensuring their work is recognized and facilitated by the local government. This not only exempts them from the levy but also streamlines their entry, allowing them to focus on their research without additional administrative hurdles.

This levy, while primarily aimed at environmental and cultural preservation, also serves as a tool for enhancing the quality of tourism in Bali. By earmarking funds for conservation and cultural preservation, Bali is investing in its future as a premier global destination that values both its visitors and its heritage. The Love Bali system ( stands as the gateway for eligible tourists to apply for this exemption, ensuring that Bali remains welcoming to those who contribute positively to the island’s legacy.

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