Indonesia’s Golden Visa Initiative: A Detailed Look at Bali’s New Facility for Quality Foreign Investors

Introducing Bali’s Golden Visa: Strategic Investment Opportunities

Bali’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights has recently unveiled the ‘Golden Visa’ initiative, specifically aimed at foreign investors. This groundbreaking program, located in Bali, seeks to boost the region’s economic growth by attracting significant foreign investments.

Specific Investment Criteria for Eligibility

The Golden Visa program is tailored for foreign nationals interested in establishing a company in Indonesia. For a five-year residency, an investment of US$2.5 million (around Rp38 billion) is required. Those aiming for a ten-year residency need to invest a minimum of US$5 million (approximately Rp76 billion). Corporate investors have the option to invest at least $25 million USD (380 billion IDR) for a five-year residency or $50 million USD (760 billion IDR) for a ten-year stay. Notably, Sam Altman, the founder of ChatGPT, has become the first to obtain this Visa, setting a precedent for other high-profile global entrepreneurs and investors..

Diverse Investment Options

Foreign investors not intending to establish a company in Indonesia can still participate by placing funds worth US$350,000 (around Rp5.3 billion), which can be used to buy Indonesian government bonds, public company shares, or place savings/deposits within the country.

Extended Stay and Additional Benefits

The Golden Visa offers a residence permit for an extended period of five to ten years, along with multiple entries into Indonesia. The program also promises faster and easier visa processes and a fast track for citizenship applications, enhancing the appeal for foreign investors.


This initiative is poised to make Bali an attractive destination for global investors, with its clear and substantial economic benefits. For more details on Bali’s Golden Visa and its potential impact, stay connected with RevisBali.

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